Schools invests in ‘concentration’ lighting

A PRIMARY school has invested in dynamic colour-tuning LED lighting to boost the concentration of pupils during the notorious afternoon lull.


Herstedlund School in Albertslund, Denmark has installed lighting which switches between warm colour temperature (3000K), cool colour temperature (4000K) and cold colour temperature (6000K).

The lighting is controlled by an internet-enabled and app-based lighting management system with four pre-programmed lighting scenarios, which is controlled by the teachers, who change the lighting mood three times a day on average.

The colour settings and light intensity of all the luminaires in the classroom are individually adjustable, while teachers can also define their own settings.

Seasonal daylight differences and the arrangement of the classrooms, which face in different directions, all have an influence on the lighting conditions.

Generally, the cold 6000K colour temperature is reserved to tackle the low-energy period after lunch while the warm-white light provides a relaxing ambience for breaks.

Researchers at the University of Aalborg developed the specific design criteria for the lighting moods in the classroom – and then turned these into reality.

The scientists used the lighting infrastructure and the lighting management system to collect data on the use of light in the classrooms over a three-month period. The findings have now been brought together in a recently published study, which claims that the lighting is a real support to learning at the Herstedlund School.